Watch This Lebanese Vlogger as She Hilariously Mocks Influencers!

No matter how much we make fun of Internet-famous folks, we follow at least a few of them. Whether for inspirational body transformations, workouts, crazy styling, or simply funny memes and GIF’s, bloggers are a certainty in our social media daily experience.

Let’s be honest, you love to hate them. Even if you’re a fan, attending events, photo shoots and getting tons of free giveaways make your office hours feel more miserable than they should. Hence, we love to throw shade, even when deep down inside, we love them.

Along comes the gorgeous Lebanese, Sara Zaetir, otherwise known as Jenn Zee, and starts a whole Instagram account just for the pleasure of acting like an entitled influencer. Zaetir, who works with her family for their phone distribution company in Dubai, is actually friends with most of the region’s influencers. You can see their comments on her videos and they are clearly taking it with humor and grace.

It all started when Zaetir was getting dressed and her friend pointed out that she looked like a blogger and should start a spoof account, Blogger wanabe. Thank God she did!

Here are some of her funniest content:

Which one are you? Dramatic Sarah Or Jenn

A post shared by Sarah Grey (@bloggerwanabe) on

A post shared by Sarah Grey (@bloggerwanabe) on

WE SAID THIS: Plot twist: While making fun of influencers, she became one herself.

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