Why Waking Up Early and Having a Morning Routine Is Important for Your Success

Having a morning routine prepares your brain to be ready to work and tackle whatever the day may bring. Successful business owners claim they do their morning routines wherever they may be otherwise they feel unbalanced, confused and disoriented. Things like the perfect cup of coffee, a well-balanced breakfast, working out or even showering may do more for your day than you think.


I always hear stories of people running late, or waking up just in the nick of time to make it to work/class and then taking about another hour to organize themselves, get on track and actually be productive. An hour to a successful person is a lot of time wasted! These people plan their day to the second, they have meetings that last about three minutes, so imagine how many (successful people) meetings you’ve missed in just an hour?


I know this list may look long and impossible to do before 9 am, but they are easy and quick to do.



Wake up super early.


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Waking up early, giving yourself time to do stuff before work makes going to work much more enjoyable! Give your brain and body time to adjust to the day; enjoy a nice breakfast, watch the news, get a moment alone and get adjusted before you have to expose yourself to the world. Waking up early also gives you a chance to manage your time, know what to expect, get organized and ready to start your busy day.


Your brain works best in the morning, so feed it with as much (useful, beneficial) information as you can before you start getting tired, chances are, you will not forget them.



 Visualize your day.


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If I learned anything from my Executive Function course in graduate school, it’s to visualize! Visualizing what your day will look like and what you have to do, makes your actions faster and more efficient, and it makes your day more or less predictable. Your brain automatically visualizes anything you think about, for example, if you remembered that you need to grab your gym bag from the closet before you leave, you will unintentionally visualize yourself grabbing it. However, intentionally visualizing your day will do wonders to your efficiency and productivity.



Have a delicious breakfast!


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Your brain needs fuel to be able to function and be productive, especially if your job requires you to be active, physically or mentally. Make sure your breakfast has rich nutrients and fibers to keep your energy up all morning. Another perk is that knowing that you are about to have a delicious meal and a great cup of coffee makes leaving bed a lot easier and quicker. Whether it’s oatmeal, fruit bowl, eggs or a sandwich, make sure you have breakfast before you start your day.



 Work out and meditate.


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Working out in the morning is so beneficial for so many reasons. Most importantly, it balances your body chemicals and lets you get rid of any negative thoughts, energy or feelings you may be feeling. It also releases happy hormones that leave you feeling like there is nothing you can’t tackle! It has been proven that working out early boosts your metabolism and improves digestion all day. Working out doesn’t have to take hours, all you need is one!


Meditate to gain perspective, balance your mind and start the day with a refreshed and rejuvenated slate! You need to empty unnecessary content from your brain to allow new information in, and meditation does just that.



Check your calendar and to-do list for the daythen make your own realistic one.


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As mentioned above, feed your brain as much information as possible in the morning, because this is when it retains it the most. Check your calendar and what you have to do for the day so you can start planning what your day will look like, and organize what can realistically be done in one day and what can wait. It also helps you to make sure you have everything you need before you leave your house.



Look goodfeel good.


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Some people are blessed to have jobs that don’t require them to dress in formal attire, but that doesn’t mean you can roll out of bed and sit right in your office chair. You’ll feel miserable! If you feel fresh, clean and well dressed you will definitely do more with your day and be productive.  In order for you to do that, you need to give yourself time to get dressed in the morning. You’ll be in the mood to work and socialize and have an overall good day. Does nobody hate looking good right? Lastly, looking good, feeling good,  gives you the confidence to make better decisions, come up with better ideas, better creations and overall, a better career!



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