Vistosa; Express Your Hidden Identity With DF’s Latest Designs

DF Designs have launched their mesmerizing collection at last! ‘Vistosa,’ a catchy name that makes you wonder about the mysterious purpose behind it, and a never ending curiosity behind it, right? Well, Vistosa is DF’s Designs latest collection. DF Designs is founded by the amazing Hadeel Farid, a fashion designer and stylist. Farid’s career stemmed from her obsession about the one and only, Beyoncé. Farid transformed her obsession to a whole new level, and growing up, she learned how it’s all about the costumes, and how one presents him/herself through their own costumes and outfits. DF Designs are all about colorful, flowery and blinged up designs. We all pursue our own expressions and colorful sides that are deeply engraved in us, yet don’t know how to let it out. DF’s Designs latest collection helps and encourages each and every woman in letting out that identity and finding her own ‘Vistosa’ way!

Now talking about Vistosa, this collection is a combination of both colorful and plain pieces. A unique and wild expression. DF Designs thought of combining what we’ve all been witnessing this last year from isolating ourselves from the people we love, remaining within our own bubble, to encouraging us with the colorful designs and be who we want to be. This creative and wild combination is basically the meaning of the collection’s name, ‘Vistosa.’

These incredible designs and photoshoots wouldn’t be the same without the DF crew. With the help of brand ambassador Yasmine Aiwas, and the remarkably powerful photographer Nada Nassar, the shots wouldn’t have captured the intention of the expressions. The collective team vibe graciously put together and helped Hadeel Farid to create these stunning designs!

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