1998 Brand; A Generation Leap for Versatile and Sustainable 90’s Fashion

1998, the clothing brand that transports you back to nostalgia and the good ol’ days. Don’t we all just miss these kind of versatile and sustainable clothes that take us back to the 90’s fashion scene? Well, guess what? 1998 is the brand you’ve all been waiting for! 1998 was founded in 2020 by Menna Marie, born in 1998 herself, as a brand aims that aims to become a platform for all creative minds to shine through. The main idea behind this nostalgic brand is in fulfilling the needs of everyone who longs for the 90’s era and feel as if they’re living in the wrong time, but don’t we all? Through mixing traditional and modern styles, 1998 hopes to create pieces that leave lasting impressions on people and their closets. Now scroll down to check out the amazing past and future collection!

The 90’s era in Egypt is known for its fashion; from using expensive and high quality materials, to styling it right on our bodies. Back then, the 90’s fashion was a huge part of people’s identities, and that’s why most of us wish to have it make a comeback. 1998 is here now with its credible trusted quality, and timeless versatile and sustainable products. The sizing is inclusive, created for all, and handmade just for you. They customize sizes because they believe everyone can rock the pieces with no limitations!

This exclusive AW’20-21 drop collection includes seven limited edition pieces, celebrating camaraderie and self expression. 1998 forms oversized garments in order to suit all types of bodies. In addition, the DNA’s brand signature fabrics and cultural references merges the past with the future. This season-less collection is a thought-provoking insight into Menna’s interrogation of themes around belonging and activism. Contrast is something Menna plays with, not only in her work, but also in her life, and certainly in this collection. “The Affair” and “Divorce” hoodies featuring built-in structured corsets gives the garments a subtle luxe appearance. 

Welcome back 90’s!

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