VIDEO: Write Track Admissions Offers Arab Students a Ticket to Their Dream Universities

There’s no doubt that education is a vital factor for prosperity. With an increased awareness of this, students in the MENA region have become more driven to hunt for better education opportunities. However, Arab students do not normally enjoy the luxury to access the same resources as their counterparts in the Western hemisphere. That’s when Write Track Admissions steps in to fill the market gap.

Write Track Admissions works on helping people from all around the world; not just in the region, to get on the “write track” to top university choices. The platform offers a variety of services to help students land college admissions for undergrads and postgrads in several top universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, UC Berekely, and more. Write Track Admissions successfully achieved a 93% track record of placing clients in one of those available programs. That’s all thanks to the combined 75 years of experience from the team of admission experts.

We sat down with the brains behind all of this, Hamada Zahawi, who founded Write Track Admissions back in 2008. We talked to him about his platform’s history, what benefits it offers, how a student can stand out with his/her application, and much more. Additionally, we even got to talk about his personal life and background and how it all affected his career.

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