VIDEO: Female Metro Passengers Fight with Egyptian Police Officer

A video showing a low-ranking police officer (2ameen shorta) allegedly harassing women in an Egyptian metro has been going viral on Facebook. The video indicates that he was in an altercation with one specific woman, which then turned the entirety of the metro’s all-female passengers against him.



The altercation -according to the Facebook post- reportedly occurred when the police officer, after having already reportedly sexually harassed several of the female passengers (by rubbing up his private parts against their bodies), saw another potential victim and stood behind her. The woman, however, decided to turn around and slap him on the face.





The woman reportedly than began to yell at him, and refused to remain silent. After this, the police officer reportedly denied the female’s allegations and wanted to arrest her under the charge of “infringing upon a state official’s authority.” The rest of the women in the metro car then started to shout, scream, and yell at him for what he was doing. He the allegedly started to threaten all of them by stating that he would not let any single one of them get home.



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His threats, however, were insufficient to silence them. The male police officer then reportedly started to physically attack one of the women, who has particularly yelling at him, to instill fear in the rest of them. Again, his trial did not work. The women actually responded by taking out their cameraphones to document what the police officer was saying, and/or doing.



Via: Facebook


Eventually, the women were reportedly arrested, and were reportedly forced to delete the footage they captured. Unfortunately for the police officer, a copy of the video containing his actions went undeleted (the viral video shown above). Questions regarding what a male was doing in the Egyptian metro’s gender segregated all-female cart in the first place, are yet to be answered.




WE SAID THIS:  We will keep you updated,should we come across any novel -or more official- context for the story behind this viral video.

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