VIDEO: Endless Traffic Leading to the Gates of Borg El Arab Stadium


Youm7 just released a 5-minute video of what basically looks like the nightmare of all traffics on the road that leads to the gates of Borg El Arab Stadium. If you don’t know why is that, let us enlighten you.


The endless traffic has been indirectly caused due to the long-awaited match between Egypt and Congo!


Via Kingfut


If Egypt wins this match, it’ll be able to participate in World Cup 2018 in Russia — regardless of the score of the next match.


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This match is very critical to the well-being of Egyptians, because  the World Cup dream has been haunting them since 1990. Especially, that Egypt was dramatically close to fulfilling this dream back in 2010, but weren’t lucky enough.



WE SAID THIS: Good luck, Egypt.