#ZeroFoodWaste: Dubai Plans to End Food Waste Once and for All

Via Slow Food International

A new campaign, launched in Dubai, is encouraging people to aim for zero food waste, days before the World Food Day on the 16th of October.


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#ZeroFoodWaste is going viral, and it’s helping to spread the word about food donation drives, competitions, and resources for restaurant and grocery store owners to learn how to create as little food waste as possible.


Khalid Mohammed Sharif, assistant director general of Dubai Municipality for Environment, Health and Safety Control Sector, told PopSugar “We as individuals, as well as government and the food business, have to commit ourselves to reducing food waste in Dubai and the UAE.”


Via Slow Food International


Last April, the UAE launched the country’s first food banks, where hotels and restaurants could donate food to low-income families. The #ZeroFoodWaste campaign will add even more banks, and make the initiative even more widespread.


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WE SAID THIS: It’s sad that most food and beverage businesses in Egypt do not follow similar methods. Most of them just throw the unsold food after the day is over.