Your Vegan Guide: The Best Vegan Burgers in Cairo

Going vegan is all the rage these days. Switching to a plant-based diet means having dietary restrictions that most mainstream restaurants and supermarkets don’t cater to. However, that is beginning to change with the market starting to offer more locally sourced vegan alternatives, along with more awareness regarding what it means to be vegan.

Here are some places to get your vegan fix:

Butcher’s Burgers

Butcher’s beyond meat burger is the go-to for many vegans who are craving the taste of authentic meat. This vegan patty comes with an addition of mushroom and no cheese, of course.

Buffalo Burger

This 100% vegan patty is made from the imported meat alternative brand “Beyond Meat.” For cheese lovers, this burger comes with vegan cheese, giving you the classic cheeseburger experience with a vegan twist.

El Torr

Their take on vegan burgers is one of a kind, a meat-free patty offered in Egyptian flatbread.

The best part about this is that you have the option to order the plant-based patties frozen and cook them yourself at home. They also offer a variety of frozen meat alternatives like vegan sausages and hawawshi.

And speaking of busting out your chef’s apron, many people prefer meal prepping as it is the most nutritious and economic way to follow the vegan diet. Fortunately, finding meat alternatives is more accessible than ever. Here are a few places to get your frozen meat alternatives.


Although it might be a pricey option for some, Gourmet offers a selection of plant based meat alternatives at various price points. It is a reliable place to get your vegan meat from and it also offers many plant based options.

Almo Mart

If you are looking to spice things up a little, head to Almo Mart in Madinet Nasr, an Asian food Market with plenty of plant-based protein options. This Asian Market offers high-quality Tofu blocks at affordable prices. For those who don’t know, Tofu is a soy-based source of protein that people who do not eat meat often rely upon for their protein intake, it is also used a lot in Asian cuisine.

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