Urban Gardening: 5 Plants for Your Bedroom That Will Soothe Your Soul and Help You Sleep

It’s 2020 and, sadly, none of us can sleep well. All the stress, worry, uncertainty, negativity, and the constant pressure that we face in almost all aspects of our everyday lives make sleeping seem like our favorite part of the day. But sometimes, we can’t even enjoy that. Luckily, there’s some good news, which is that as much as there are plenty of reasons for having troubled sleep, there are a number of solutions that can help, and the best part about these solutions is that they’re all natural.

We’ve all heard the warnings about keeping plants in your bedroom, but some plants can actually be quite therapeutic and can even help you sleep better; Here are 5 easy-to-care-for plants that will help you get some undisrupted sleep!


Adding to its beautiful scent, lavender works as a sedative, an anxiety reliever, reduces anger and aggression, and helps to unwind and quiet the brain for a good night’s sleep. This plant likes heat and sunlight!


Another fragrant plant that is also very pretty is Jasmine. But to add to its beauty, it releases relaxing aromas that relieve stress and help you sleep at night. When you water it, the soil in the pot should be moist, but not too wet.

English Ivy

This pretty plant can adorn your bedroom, act as an air purifier, and also clean the air from mold. Keep in mind, it requires indirect sunlight.

Snake Plant

This plant replaces carbon dioxide with oxygen, therefore increasing the level of oxygen in your room, and helping you sleep better. Just make sure you don’t overwater it!

Aloe Vera

via Garden Decor

Aloe Vera is one of those plants that has endless uses and benefits. But one of our favorites is that it is an air-purifying power player, and therefore helps improve breathing during sleep. And it doesn’t even need regular watering!

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