UN Expert Condemns Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians as an ‘Open-Air Prison’

Francesca Albanese, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied territories, made a statement to reporters in Geneva that the crimes and actions of Isreal have resulted in a systematic, arbitrary, and widespread detention of Palestinians since the 1967 Middle East war. These allegations have been quickly and firmly dismissed by Israel. Albanese stated that it’s clear to see that Israel has transformed occupied Palestinian territories into an “open-air prison.”

Albanese’s assertions come in the aftermath of a significant military operation by Israel in the occupied West Bank, where the city of Jenin was attacked by drone strikes. The incursion was one of the worst in the area in two decades, sparking outrage and concern amongst the international community. 

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The permanent mission of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva has refuted the findings of Albanese, dismissing them as biased and lacking objectivity. “Israel does not expect any fair, objective or professional treatment from this Special Rapporteur who was chosen due to her partial views against Israel, “the mission said in a statement. “Her mandate was created with the sole purpose of discriminating against Israel and Israelis.”

In a report presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Albanese disclosed that Israeli authorities had arrested and detained over 800,000 Palestinians, including minors as young as 12, since 1967. Albanese, who didn’t visit occupied Palestinian territories before despite numerous efforts, explains she had been repeatedly denied entry, submitting a report that “Israel’s continued refusal to facilitate her entry”, and citing Israel’s uncooperative stance as the reason behind her inability to conduct an on-ground assessment. Albanese called out Israel for unlawful detention practices, saying they could amount to international crimes.

Since the 1967 Middle East war, Israel captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan and Gaza from Egypt. Israel seized East Jerusalem in a move that has not been acknowledged internationally until this day, forcing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian to scatter to seek refuge in other regions.

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