UN Crime Statistics: Egypt Has Highest Rates of Domestic Violence Against Husbands

Talk about controversial, here’s something refreshing for you: in Egypt, it is actually women who beat their husbands black and blue. Although the East is not known for “abusive” women, according to the UN’s crime statistics, Egyptian women are world number one in abusing and beating their husbands.

The data shows around 66 percent of Egyptian wives who beat their husbands usually file for divorce or annulment in Egyptian family courts. And, husbands who suffer abuse often have no other way to defend themselves but to go to court and sue their wives, with numbers of cases reaching 6,000.

The data further revealed that wives who abuse and beat their husbands don’t only use their hands, but they also use tools, kitchenware, shoes, weapons, belts and they even sedate them with sleeping pills so their husbands are powerless while they batter them and then later burn them. Feeling scared boys?

The report states that Egypt ranks first in position globally in cases of domestic violence by women against their husbands, followed by 23 percent in the United States, 17 percent in the United Kingdom, and 11 percent in India.

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