Your Ultimate Arab Guide to Celebrate Nutella Day!

February the 5th marks one of the greatest days of the year, it’s WORLD NUTELLA DAY, the day we celebrate our unconditional love to this hazelnut spread. We as Arabs have proven over the years that Nutella has a special place in our hearts, to the extent that we use it to revamp our very own traditional desserts such as Konafa, Qatayef, Fteer, and Basbousa.

If you ever wondered the best way to celebrate this day, we have gathered some of our favorite and easiest recipes that you can make for hosting a Nutella party tonight.

Nutella and Samar's kitchen – مطبخ سمر will be helping you make Ramadan desserts sweeter for your family and guests! We start with a delicious twist to the classic Konafa!

Posted by Nutella on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Is there anything more delicious in Ramadan than Qataief? Yes, Nutella Qataief! Try our recipe below and let your guests be the judges!

Posted by Nutella on Friday, June 17, 2016

Samar's kitchen – مطبخ سمر and Nutella just made a sweet delight even sweeter! Impress your mother in law with this delicious Nutella Warbat recipe and share with us her reaction below 😉

Posted by Nutella on Sunday, June 19, 2016

On the other hand, if cooking is not your thing, nutelladay’s official website has brought together 10 easy ways for you to celebrate, which are:

1.Make a recipe with Nutella
2.Write a song or poem about Nutella
3.Enjoy Nutella somewhere interesting
4.Strike a pose with Nutella
5.Create some Nutella inspired art
6.Do an original flavor pairing
7.Give Nutella to people you love
8.Introduce someone to Nutella for the first time
9.Relive your first Nutella experience
10.Host a delicious party in honor of Nutella

People have already started celebrating and sharing pictures on social media using the hashtag #worldnutelladay, you can join in the action by uploading your picture on Faceebok, Twitter, or Instagram.

Nutella was first introduced to the world during World War II by Pietro Ferrero. At that time there was a shortage in cocoa supply in Italy due to the war, so Ferrero started using hazelnut instead. The product was called “Pasta Gianduja” and sold as solid blocks before they started selling the creamy version “Supercrema” in 1951. Later in 1964 Michele, Ferrero’s son, renamed it to become “Nutella”.

The first World Nutella Day was founded by the American Food Blogger Sara Rosso in 2007.

WE SAID THIS: So, how are you planning to celebrate?

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