Facebook Marketplace Platform is now Live in Egypt and it’s in Arabic

Via Brave New Coin

Facebook introduced the Marketplace feature in the United States back in 2016, and it’s currently available in 51 other countries. The brilliant feature enables users to use the platform to discover, buy, and sell items; ultimately making their lives much easier.

Facebook has announced the launch of its Marketplace feature in Egypt; it will be available in Arabic on mobile and desktop. The feature is expected to be rolled out to iOS and Android users over the next few weeks. This will make Egypt among the first countries in MENA to be able to buy and sell items through the platform.

Via Facebook

“Over 550 million people globally use Facebook today to buy and sell items in local communities. Marketplace builds on this momentum to create a single destination for people to discover, buy and sell items.” Said Jonathan Labin, Managing Director of Facebook in MENA and Pakistan.

You now can list and browse items for sale and filter results by location, price or categories such as furniture, electronics and apparel. There are also safety tips, privacy controls, and easy to use reporting tools on the feature’s “Help Center”.

Moreover, people can easily block and report illegal items, bad sellers, and unwanted Messenger conversations from either the item listing or from within the messenger conversation.

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