UAE Bars Serve Up Greenland’s Glacier Ice for a Unique Twist

Glacier ice that has been untouched for over 100,000 years will be jetting off across 14,000 km and making a landing in the UAE. Why you may ask?

The ice will be turned into ice cubes and used in drinks across several exclusive bars. Glacier ice is chosen in particular because it’s slow-melting and purer than the frozen mineral water used in Dubai’s ice cubes.

The Backlash

Founded in 2022, Greenland’s Arctic Ice startup is behind the project. They extract glacier ice and then ship it around the world. Their first shipment was pretty recent, arriving in Dubai, but along with it came a wave of backlash.

Across social media, people shared comments and expressed their concern over the ice, making comments such as “shouldn’t you be worrying about the effects of global warming rather than selling glacier water?” or “what is this dystopia?”

The Defence

Speaking up, the company responded by claiming that its ice is environmentally friendly and of social value. Aboard a specialized ship with a crane attached, Arctic Ice usually travel to find a specific type of ice that has been in contact with neither the top or bottom of the glacier. This type of ice is purer and more difficult to spot but that’s what makes it safe.

All in all, the entire concept matches Dubai’s appeal of the exotic and new, where people would head to bars and sip on drinks topped with ancient glacier ice.

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