Qatari Fighter Jets Trespasses Emirati Airspace And The UAE Is Not Happy About It

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) accused Qatari fighter jets for ‘intentionally’ intercepting two passenger planes flying in international airspace on their way to Bahrain on Monday morning. However, Qatar denied all accusations.

The UAE General Authority of Civil Aviation said in a statement published by the state news agency that “Qatari fighter jets intercept an Emirati civilian aircraft during a routine flight to Manama in a flagrant threat to civil aviation safety and in a clear violation of international law.”

Via TRTWorld 

WAM reported that the civil aviation authorities got “a message from one of the UAE’s national carriers on Monday morning that one of its aircraft on a flight to Manama on a normal route had been intercepted by Qatari fighters.” The incident affected a UAE flag carrier en route to the Bahrani capital.

On the other hand, Qatar is denying any accusations towards the events. Sheikh Saif Bin Ahmed Al-Thani, the Director of Qatar’s Government Communications Office, said on his official Twitter account that the charge was “completely untrue”.

The United Arab Emirates is one of four Arab states that cut all relations with Qatar in June. It comes amid an economic and diplomatic boycott against Qatar by UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

WE SAID THIS: Qatar’s stock exchange fell to around 2.5 percent in trading on Monday surrounding the dispute, one of its biggest drops since the crisis began.