These Two New Online Shows Will Definitely Make You Giggle

Via BingeCircle

In the midst of all the stressful situations we’re surrounded with nowadays and the hectic daily routine, we all need a good laugh from time to time. Sometimes the best thing to do is spend the whole night either binge-watching Friends or watching all parts from the Hangover. However, since you need to wake up early for work and you’ll probably be dead during the weekend, you don’t have time for that. That’s why we got you these two brand new shows recently released by BingeCircle that you need to catch up with on Youtube.

Number one is Hana Ghoneim‘s OVERDOSED. The Singer/Performer just added presenting to her portfolio by her brand new show. During the 10-15 minute episodes, Hana hosts an internet celebrity, warms up with some questions and singing in the car and then moves on to the real challenges. Get ready to see some chubby bunny rounds, creative versions of charades, and a face painting/make up extravaganza. If there’s one thing we could guarantee you, it’s that you’re definitely going to laugh. Binge Circle posts a new episode every Friday and they’ve released four episodes so far, featuring familiar figures like Layla Ghaleb and Mohamed Mekawy.

The second show is Alia El Saady‘s “Leh El Masryeen Maynfaash?” where she obviously gives reasons why Egyptians shouldn’t be doing certain things. Totally not doubting their abilities though, but just commenting on how they’re better off without these things. The first two episodes discussed the two topics, why Egyptians shouldn’t get married and why shouldn’t they drive. Of course we could all relate to that. However, the last time Binge Circle released an episode was on the 26th of December, meaning they skipped a week. Could the producers be reconsidering the show or maybe making a change in plans since it didn’t garner much views as the first show? We’ll wait and see for ourselves.

WE SAID THIS: Meanwhile, you’d better start catching up. Head now to their Youtube channel.