Why My Trip to Sahel’s LA VISTA BAY Was So Worth It

After a long week of work, never ending deadlines and daydreaming of crystal clear waters, you can’t imagine the joy I felt when the weekend came along — by joy I mean I screamed THANK GOD IT’S THURSDAY. Prior to this day, I received a phone call from a very dear friend of mine inviting me to her place in LA VISTA BAY, North Coast.


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Everyone has been flocking to LA VISTA BAY for the summer, and with my social media feed getting flooded with LA VISTA posts, I couldn’t refuse the offer, my curiosity got the best of me.


Located at km 170 Alex-Matruh road, LA VISTA BAY was considered to be ‘far away’ but thankfully, that is now a thing of the past. Why, you say? Because of the development of the New Cairo-Matruh road, and more people moving further away to the west of the North Coast.


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Indeed, in only three hours I was sippin’ ice cold cocktails with my best friend in front of clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches in LA VISTA’s beach lounge.


LA VISTA’s beach lounge with its beautiful panoramic views created a chilled, relaxed and special ambiance that will definitely stay with me all summer long. Their stress-free zone, privacy and exclusivity were just the cherry on top of the cake. There wasn’t a care in the world and I just didn’t want to leave this place — mainly because of the chill environment.


But, LA VISTA BAY has so much to offer other than that. I absolutely fell in love with the people, the community and the good vibes that were radiating throughout the whole place. I just felt like I belonged! Mind you, LA VISTA is an exclusive community that respects the privacy of each individual, and that is why you must be an owner or a guest of one of the owners to enter.


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Not only was it private and safe but LA VISTA is a haven of fun summer activities! We danced to musical bands (The Beatles tribute band, Glass Onion, were my favorite) playing by the pool, we jumped off of their Instagrammable pier, we joined Gold’s Gym fitness classes that ranged from Zumba to yoga, body pump to pool activities and so much more.


And with that I knew exactly why LA VISTA BAY was the hottest spot of the season! Not only does it respect the privacy and exclusivity of its residents, but it has also become the ultimate Sahel spot for anyone looking for a good time. Whether you’re going to the North Coast for a fun time or to completely relax, LA VISTA BAY is definitely the way to go.



WE SAID THIS: I am currently contemplating moving there for the rest of the summer.

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