Egyptian Official Declares Cleaning Ladies are High on Tramadol



Nazra, a show that airs on Sada El-Balad, recently interviewed Major Ahmed Omar, Head of Anti-Narcotics General Administration, about the effect of drug abuse on Egypt’s economy. It was revealed that Egyptians smoked EGP 720 million worth of hash in the past eight months, which we found extremely disturbing. However, that was not the only shocking thing we learned.


Major Ahmed Abdul Karim announced via a phone call that tramadol has become a serious threat to our country, and that it’s currently just as addictive as fatal drugs such as heroine. Abdul Karim claims that the situation has become worse in the last few months, saying that some cleaning ladies use tramadol to help them do their jobs.


This is quite alarming considering how most of us trust them around our children, and even occasionally, leave them alone in the house. Abdul Karim blames the misconception Egyptians have about the drug, adding that people need to be educated for the drug to be completely eradicated.



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