Toyota Egypt Unveils a Sexist Ad Promoting the New Fortuner 2019

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We understand that some products may be targeted for certain genders or ages, but what we don’t understand is how in this day and age sexism can be so easily flaunted?

Toyota’s latest ad bluntly leaves out 49% of the Egyptian population (women) by claiming the latest Fortuner 2019 is made for men. Who knew there was such a thing as a car only for a man? We guess that leaves out all those soccer moms we see driving their kids around in that exact same car!

The recently published ad for the campaign clearly addresses men and men only. From the obvious name of the campaign to the voice over and visuals, everything is male-oriented. “These days, it’s harder for a man to liberate his man-side,” the ad said. “But rest assured, he knows how to use his power with powerful performance,” the voice over continues referring to the new Toyota Fortuner.

There are no clear features that make the Fortuner the perfect car that allows a man to unleash his inner macho. So, with Toyota’s new strategy, it seems like the brand is prone to losing any female consumption possibilities in the future.

Yes, Toyota, “the 21st-century man does not need to hunt for lunch”, but bare in mind that it’s still the 21st century and sexism is no longer cool!

WE SAID THIS: Let us know what you think about the campaign in the comments’ section.

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