Top 7 Places to Visit on your Cheat Day in New Cairo With No Regrets!

Via Zack's

A couple of years ago, Nasr City, Heliopolis, and Muhandeseen were the best destinations for the best burgers, pasta, pizzas, fried chicken, or any other comfort food in the C-town! Lately, however, New Cairo proved to be overthrowing these destinations; having one great restaurant open after the other. If you’re wondering where to head to for your next cheat meal in New Cairo, this article should definitely be your guide!

Eish W Gebna 

Via Eish W Gebna

Hands down, Eish W Gebna is one of the best restaurants that opened in Egypt in the last couple of years. The place literally has it all; from delicious breakfast options, amazing cheese skillets, out of this world burgers, to the most creative desserts out there. Their brand new grilled cheese sandwich -in the picture above- is what you need to get over a breakup.

Recommended Dish: The Mess.  

Primo’s American Pizza

Via Primo’s American Pizza

Primo’s Pizza succeeded to make a strong name in the Fifth Settlement; guaranteeing the place is always packed with people, especially on weekends. Their menu is short, sweet, and to the point; making it super easy for one to pick his favorite pizza without being indecisive. Although all the pizzas I tried there were legit, the seafood ranch pizza is definitely their specialty and is the most ordered in the house.

Recommended Dish: Sea Ranch Pizza 


Via Zack’s

Soon I’ll be writing a full food review about my experience in Zack’s; the place that definitely lived up to my expectations. I’ve heard a lot about Zack’s, and the buzz it’s making since their opening in the 6th of October, but haven’t tried it until it opened in Americana Plaza in the Fifth Settlement. Since then, once in every two cheat meals I have is definitely in Zack’s. What I hate the most about the place is the endless lines that are always present because people are certainly in love with their fried chicken. In addition to the amazing fried chicken sandwiches, they also serve fried chicken white sauce pizza -it’s not an actual pizza, however- that is definitely out of this world. Moreover, don’t miss out on their jalapeno cheddar sticks alongside some ranch sauce; they’re not as spicy as you’d want them to, but they taste like heaven.

Recommended Dish: Mozzarella Madness  

Shocks Burgers 

Via Shocks

Probably the most popular food cart in Cairo for all the right reasons. Shocks is located at the middle of Water Way New Cairo, always crowded, but you’ll always get your order served in around 20 minutes. Shocks does some of the best burgers in Cairo with different fusions, unique tastes, and affordable prices. Don’t forget to try their amazing lotus shake after you finish your sandwich!

Recommended Dish: Big Mouth 

Chicken Fil-A 

Via El Menus

How can you complain about a fried chicken sandwich when the chicken is both stuffed and covered with cheese! Chicken Fil-A is one of my favorite places for a cheat meal; serving fried chicken sandwiches in the most creative ways. The menu has a variety of sandwiches of different sizes to cater for all the appetites.

Recommended Dish: Juicy Lucy 

Willy’s Kitchen 

Via Willy’s Kitchen

Haven’t been to Willy’s Kitchen in a while, but I’ve revisited the place recently and apparently, it’s still as good as it used to be. If you’re into burgers and fried chicken sandwiches that are drenched in cheese, then Willy’s should definitely be on your list of places to visit on your cheat meal.

Recommended Dish: Fried Chicken Nacho 


Via 7amza

7amza is one of the places that had an extraordinary buzz when it first opened in Nasr City. You wouldn’t believe how intense was the lines back then, and once you get to eat, you’ll understand why. The food is, by all means, amazing; whether it’s the pizza, sandwiches, crepes, pies, or desserts. One of my favorite categories in 7amza was the innovative, Italian Hawawshi; that tastes even better than it sounds!

Recommended Dish: Crispy Chicken White Sauce Pasta 

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