The Top 6 TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Ramadan

Long gone are the days of two mind blowing series, fawazeer and Alf Leila we Leila, now if you don’t plan on marathoning, you might end up missing out on the greatest productions of the year.

We have been watching almost everything this Ramadan and asked everyone about their favorite shows to bring you the top six tamseleyat you should be watching this month.



El Ahd



If I can start a talk show for the sole purpose of convincing people to watch El Ahd, I would. HANDS DOWN, the most epic thing you will come across this year.

Cliffhangers, shocking deaths, twists that will leave you puzzled for life, dreamy fantasy, countless talent, a crazy scriptwriter and an out of this world director are just some of the things you will enjoy. If you only have time for one show, watch El Ahd.



Ta7t El Saytara



This is my second best show of the year. Other than getting a chance to stare at the dreamy Dhafer L’Abidine and Hany Adel for an hour, this show is packed with so much gut-wrenching drama and incredible talent that will leave you talking about it endlessly at work every morning.

Parents can’t handle it, teenagers are getting a reality slap in the face and it tackles drug abuse from a completely different angle than what we are used to. This is not a show for the soft-hearted, nevertheless it is outstanding.






I don’t care what Amr Adib had to say about Sherine’s acting, this show used to be my number one until I started watching El Ahd. It reminds me of the good old Ramadan days when TV shows weren’t about thugs and car chases. It takes us down memory lane with the beautiful costumes, cars and music.

Professional actor or not, everytime Dalila, played by Sherine, cries because she is not allowed to sing, I end up tearing as well. Of course, the show has been blessed with ice queen of the year, Sawsan Badr, and villain of the year, Bassel Khayyat.



Now that I’m done with my personal top three, the next three shows have gained so much popularity that they deserve to be mentioned.



Le3bet Eblis



If you ever, and I mean ever, ask a guy which show is his favorite, he will always say the Youssef El Sherif one. I don’t know what this actor does to them, but men seem to be obsessed. This year was no different; we asked every single man we have met in our lives and they said Le3bet Eblis is the show to watch.

They just love the fact that a week has passed and they can’t tell if he is the good guy considering he is planning his brother’s demise. So much suspense and magic tricks.



Haret El Yahood



The most anticipated show this year still holds its head up high amongst vicious competitors. Accuse it of being historically inaccurate as much as you want, it is still one of the most viewed and fan favorite shows in Ramadan.



7awari Bucharest



Another show that has created a buzz is 7awari Bucharest. Everyone is in love with the talented cast. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Amir Karara nails it every year with his adrenaline-pumping TV shows.



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