Ramadan Must-Try: Marbo7a Foul Cart In Heliopolis

Every now and then you come across an inspirational story of people taking a leap of faith in a country where dreams might as well be dead and you end up smiling. An accountant turned foul chef is what everyone is talking about this week – and the crowds around his cart speak volumes.

Mohamed Habib is a Faculty of Commerce, English section, graduate who used to work as an accountant in an Alexandrian firm. In 2012, the death of his father brought him back to Cairo to be with his family. It was then that Habib did what almost every Egyptian dreams of and shifted careers from accounting to cooking against all odds and his family.


Photo credit: Mostafa Darwish


The Marbo7a foul cart, located in Heliopolis, is Habib’s personal project and serves so7our from midnight til Al-Fajr only during Ramadan. The Arabesque designed and decorated cart cost him 17,000 LE and he has been making people’s tummies happy for three years now. The rest of the year, the colorful cart is reportedly left in his villa’s garage.


Marbou7a sohour menu


Photo Credit: Egyptian Foodies


The Marbo7a cart is only the first in a chain of planned sha3bi restaurants and Habib is expecting his next place in Ain Shams to bring more stability.

We hear his foul and Greek cheese is to die for. Check out the Marbo7a foul cart at 6 Al Shahid Abd El Moneim Hafez in front of Mince on El Nozha Street, Heliopolis.



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