Our Top 10 Favorite Egyptians Brands of 2016

The other day a friend of mine asked me what were my favorite Egyptian brands of 2016. After lots, and lots of thinking, I’ve compiled a list of businesses that have kicked 2016 in the behind and redefined the word awesome.





Via Careem


I know they aren’t Egyptian, but the brand is Arab and it comes from an entrepreneurial space. Seeing them grow and stand against international giants and do it better makes me proud!




Via Temraza


Seeing a local fashion brand go global, by using all the right marketing and PR tools abroad, deserves an applaud. Seeing an Egyptian designer grace international red carpets on the regular is inspiring. Anything is possible with hard work.



Mezcal, Izakaya and Kazoku


Via Mezcal


Via Izakaya


Via Kazoku


Thank you guys for breathing quality and fine dining back into our food scene and maintaining that quality.


Scoop Empire


Via Scoop Empire


Yes, I know. This may seem biased, but sitting in an office next to them, I see the amount of hard work that is put into changing the content market in Egypt and the Middle East. On top of that, seeing how unique digital branded content is becoming a cornerstone of many campaigns due to the team’s persistence to create interesting readable/shareable content is wonderful.




Via EgyptAir


Yes really! When it comes to airlines, you never come across one that is actually understanding about the passengers ordeals and lets you get away with extra weight & luggage. Not to mention one of the friendliest and helpful staffs. (We make fun of their teams English but English isn’t this countries first language so deal with it)


Indira Jewelry


Via Indira


A local brand, that is made in Egypt, by an Egyptian designer, and the hands of Egyptian artisans, that is sold in New York.




Via Zooba


Taking Egyptian cuisines to another level and getting worldwide recognition from CNN, to even representing the Egypt corner at Airbnb’s offices, is definitely not a small feat. Not to mention the attention to detail they put in all their marketing antics.




Via Elmenus


Because without it, how will we know what to eat and how to order it!


WE SAID THIS: Let me know YOUR favorite brands of 2016.