Today’s Global Strike For Gaza Gains Momentum Across The Middle East

The ongoing genocide in Gaza is stretching to its third month. The death until now is 18,000 people, 70% of which are children. Today marks the global strike for Gaza that has been triggered by the US Veto on Friday against a ceasefire in Gaza. As a response, the National Islamic Forces called on Saturday, December 9 for a global Strike that aims at hindering the economic system and disrupting the balance in the world to put pro-Israel countries in a tight corner.

Consequently, this has gained momentum in several countries across the world in only two days. The Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati has announced on Sunday that the country will pause all public sectors. Following Mikati, the International Union of Muslim Scholars has called for globalized contribution.

In addition to that, a large number of activists and influencers are interacting with the hashtag #strikeforgaza, which swept social media sites, calling for participating in the strike to denounce the Israeli massacres in Gaza and to demand an immediate ceasefire.

Today, countries like Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, and Lebanon are shutting it down for Palestine.

Participation in this mass strike includes refraining from making any cash or bank purchase, going to work or school, using social media actively, or even leaving home.

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