To Always Being Authentic: How OPPO’s Reno6 Series & Menna Shalaby Took us Back to our Roots!

Being the leading global smart device brand, OPPO has never failed to surprise its users with its innovative technologies and unique design. We can see that the innovative technologies of the upcoming Reno6 Series not just creates an easy-to-use experience with products, but a space in which its users can express and experience their emotions tangibly. With the launch of the Reno6 series, it will become a creative tool that will help users record their life and express their emotions.

Through OPPO Reno6 Series, consumers can authentically connect with their emotions, as there is room for their exploration, a place in which they can reminisce on old photos, and have their truest emotions elicited. We have seen time and time again, different means of communication being the driving force behind people’s connection to one another, and owning the way they feel. Capturing these moments and emotions gives us the opportunity to further reflect on them, and enable them to affect us. Whatever category they fall into, they will always be beautiful.

Being the primary source of emotional revelation in the film industry, Menna Shalaby has unquestionably established herself as an authentic soul and that’s why she was the perfect choice for OPPO Reno6 Series campaign. During a quick chat, we asked her about her memory regarding a certain photo, showcasing her with her beloved parents when she was one-year-old, Shalaby went through a nostalgia of “sweet memories.” And it is this intimate setting that OPPO Reno6 Series will provide, that moments like these can be shared and remembered. They can be felt and experienced, and can be secured in a place that is always available to lean back onto.

With the launch of OPPO Reno6 Series campaign, “Every Emotion, In Portrait,” Shalaby reveals the “[complexity] of emotions, ones that can bring us to heights of ecstasy, and all the way down to the rocks of despair.” After all, emotions are all over the place. They are sometimes sources of pleasure, and sometimes sources of pain, and everything else in between. But what makes them special is that they affect us in some way or another. And it is by having a series like OPPO Reno6 capturing off-the-cuff portraits, that we have this beautiful chance of not only celebrating these emotions, but touch on them by taking them for what they are.

Being part of OPPO’s “#ThrowbackInPortrait” initiative, Shalaby says that it will “give people the chance to throw back their moments & emotions…highlighting that it’s always important to honor our past and pass it on.” And she couldn’t be righter. No matter the circumstances in which our emotions are felt, and in which our memories are created, they are always an opportunity for us to know ourselves better, and hence, a chance for us to authentically experience who we really are.

By being part of OPPO’s initiative, you are celebrating the beauty of moments, and everything else that comes along with it. “Every Emotion, in Portrait” is true at face value. Every picture you will ever take is accompanied by moments that turn into memories, emotions that turn into growth, and experiences that turn us into who we really are. So, show your moments and emotions with #ThrowBackinPortrait, whatever they may be, and show yourself before you show the world what it really feels like to keep them safe with you.

Stay tuned for the big things coming ahead with the Reno6 Series launch event on the 30th of August at 8:00PM on OPPO’s social media platforms, don’t miss the surprise.

WE SAID THIS: Get ready for the surprise on August 30th!