This NYC-Based Collective of Cross-Cultural Visual Stories Is a Must-Follow


Unity is one of the most wonderful things that could happen to humanity, and when people unite to celebrate art, it gets even better. This is basically what MINAAZINE does, and it’s doing a great job at it.

MINAAZINE is a quarterly publication that brings cross-cultural visual stories all together in one space. It explores the cultural aesthetic and lifestyle of people coming from the MENA region, in addition to those of the diasporas in other countries. MINAAZINE community features artists, photographers, designers, you name it! Basically, any personal profiles or stories that will surely inspire you in a way or another. The publication is based in New York City but also resides in Cairo and Jeddah, where co-founders; Nadia Azmy and Alaa Balkhy, come from.

During the month of Ramadan, many inspiring figures have been taking over MINAAZINE’s Insta-stories. Each and every one of them showed us how their normal day goes in Ramadan, in addition to a glimpse of their life. Not just that this was very inspiring; and quite entertaining to watch while fasting as well, but also helped many gain exposure they truly deserved.

WE SAID THIS: Catch up on what you’ve missed by checking out their highlights on Instagram here.