This Is How Banati Foundation Has Stepped​ In

Located in Giza, Banati Foundation was founded to help children who have been battling life on the streets of Egypt, suffering just to keep their heads above water. These children are often abandoned by their parents or ended up in prison. Generally speaking, any kid who lacks parental care in all shape or form.

Banati’s focus is mainly on girls, as the place offers them a safe and healthy environment, using the best psychological and social techniques to re-integrate the beautiful young ladies back into the society and of course back to their families. Sometimes it can be very hard to reconnect the girls with their families as most of them have faced abandonment and a lot of abuse both physically and sexually.

Via Cairo West Publications

However, there are many success stories that would give you so much hope, and you’d be surprised how those girls are determined to better themselves and wanting to make the best out of their lives, not letting their circumstances define who they are. According to CairoWest magazine, one of the girls at Banati was so passionate about cooking, so the foundation decided to contact Novotel to sign her to attend culinary training. The girl attended the courses and she really succeeded in impressing them with her talent! Six months later Novotel contacted Banati and said they would like to hire her! We’re so proud of her success.

There are plenty of girls who defied the odds and went after their dreams, accomplishing their desire and set their own paths straight. That’s enough reason for you to place your next donation at Banati. Get in touch today, they’re available 24/7 and you can call: 0120 003 1800

WE SAID THIS: We need more organizations like this in our community.

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