Seket Safar: One Play Cairo Residents Shouldn’t Miss out on This Weekend

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This weekend, from the 17th till the 19th of October, Alhosabir Theater will be hosting a very fun and entertaining play, ‘Seket Safar‘. The play is a comedy about a young guy who decided to travel abroad and everyone wants to bid him farewell. It is written and directed by the renowned Walid Talaat; a man who showed a great deal of support to university students, and directed several successful university plays.

The play is already endorsed by several celebrities, like Hesham Maged and Maged El Masry, who took it upon themselves to post videoes for their fans, encouraging them to attend. The play features the Egyptian Rising Star Hazem Ehab, who showed his acting skills in Youssra’s ‘Ladina Akwal Okhra’ and Rania Youssef’s ‘Ka2eno Embare7’ series.

Moreover, the play is full of young promising talents that guarantees that it will be worth your time. It features the hilarious actor Mohamed Attwa and skillful Kamel El Shafey who killed it this Ramadan in a scene that went viral in ‘Badal El Hadota Talata’.

Among other gifted actors and actresses, the play also features Feras Helmy, Nadine Fouda, Younar El Sagheer, Mona Naguib, and Logine Saleh. Not to mention, the beautiful voice of Ruby Nabar, whose songs make any play she participates in more alive.

These names have already shined in other university plays with the BUE Theater Team and GUC TCS. I’ve already attended several plays by the two teams, and it was always a time well spent. Their plays are always a fun and light-hearted experience, that will get anyone to laugh their hearts out and maybe shed a tear or two, while sending an important message through intriguing stories. Definitely excited to see how this one will turn out.

WE SAID THIS: Head to their Instagram page to see how you can book your spot.