This Insta-Blog Should Be Every Hijabi’s Fashion Inspo!

Via 100 Looks

It’s 2018 and nowadays it’s pretty common to stumble upon fashion bloggers; they’re literally everywhere! The world wide web, especially Instagram, is flooded with fashion experts sharing their style with the world. Keeping up with the latest trends has become easier in terms of accessibility, but more difficult in terms of who to follow. Following someone with a unique style you admire makes the process easier. Nevertheless, of all girls who still struggle with keeping up with the latest fashion do’s and don’ts are hijabis. That’s why we thought it’s a good idea to share our latest online discovery with you girls.

100 Looks is an Instagram fashion blog created by Aya El Shehaby where she posts her outfits promoting modesty and minimalism. The Egyptian hijabi set a challenging goal for herself, to be able to post 100 different and inspiring looks, hence, the blog’s name. El Shehaby mentioned that when she reaches her goal, she’ll set the bar higher by adding another zero to the name so could reach a new goal and break another personal record. Here are top five picks out of her 100 looks!

Look 24 | Just style it YOUR way? Veil: @inkandsilk_ #100looks_ae

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Look 19 | ? Dress: #100looks_ae

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Look 18 | S U M M E R B L U E S #100looks_ae #no_tights

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WE SAID THIS: 49 [number will change] looks and counting! Way to go, Aya!