This Dubai Cafe Is Ranked in Top 10 Most Instagramable Cafes in the World

We already know how photogenic Dubai is, the breathtaking interior design, cutting-edge architecture and five-star restaurant platting, it’s no surprise it was named amongst the most Instgramable cities in 2019, which is a big title. The city with 79 million hashtags this summer alone, has a long list of photography hotspots, like mini Barbie pink cafe with rose-gold accents in Jumeriah, Tania’s tea house. The lifesize all-pink dollhouse is the perfect brunch and hangout spot for you and your habib-teas! 

Near Burj Al Arab, the warm villa is specialized in everything tea, coffee, cute desserts and light healthy meals. The quite cafe is a hot attraction to social media savvy influencers and special occasions such as bridal and baby showers. Their famous flavored packed teas and coffees are designed with trendy slogans or cute graphics, everything to make your morning coffee routine more special. 

Take a look at the ultra-cute dishes and prettiness of the atmoshpere:

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