What These Palestinian Christians Did This Ramadan Will Melt Your Heart

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A group of Palestinian Christian brought a refreshed sense of hope to Palestinian Muslims and the world with a gesture of genuine generosity. A Facebook post went around of eight Palestinian men distributing dates and water to people stuck in traffic during in the West Bank of the first day of Ramadan. Sandra Falestinya Lyth wrote, “those Palestinian Christians are at it again!! Every year once the sun sets, during iftar, Christians pass out water to the fasting Muslims who are stuck in traffic. This Palestinian Muslim girl thanks you!‪#‎OneLove‬
‪#‎United‬ ‪#‎NeverSeparated‬.”

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Living under occupation is not an easy life to say the least but the brotherliness, a hope of sense is revived in a region that has experienced violent divides due to different faiths. These men remind us that our differences are not all that different and it is our differences that unite us and empower us to be a better Arab world. We thank these guys for bringing us Ramadan cheer to be spread throughout the month and passed along to generations to come.


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