These Guys Say Yes to Life and It’s Non Negotiable!

Via Yes Theory

You’ve probably watched Jim Carrey’s Yes Man at least once and you also probably think it’s just a Hollywood movie. Well, it’s not, because an Egyptian guy along with three of his friends started an initiative to say YES to life!

Via Yes Theory

It all started back in the summer of 2015 when Ammar Kandil first met Thomas Brag, Matt Dajer, and Derin Emre in Canada where for some universal reason fate has brought them together. And as for Kandil’s way in to the group, it was the stunning fact that he was the only person with a legal permission to climb the Great Pyramid of Giza. Even though this still hasn’t happened despite the fact that Kandil had the permits, we don’t really need to explain why Kandil’s dream still hasn’t become a reality. However, his wild dream was what sparked a friendship with the guys as they already had a relevant project in mind, Project 30. Thomas and Matt’s simple Project 30, which entailed doing 30 challenges every single day, soon turned into a greater idea with a more impactful message, one that we know today as Yes Theory.

Via Yes Theory

The Yes Theory is basically defined by its founders as the process by which you get to live the greatest experiences in life by saying yes to stepping out of your comfort zone. The four best friends made videos about them seeking discomfort in every possible way and even taking random strangers on spontaneous trips.

Throughout the years, the guys have upped their game and raised the bar so high. They went from challenges like facing the fear of heights by jumping off a cliff to actually challenging THE Will Smith to do a heli bungee jump. YES, those are the guys behind Will Smith’s 50th birthday stunt over the Grand Canyon happening this September 25th.

Their philosophy didn’t just grow in terms of boundaries of challenges, viewership, or international public recognition. They even created a clothing line, Seek Discomfort. For them, it’s more of an expression of self, identity, and ideology rather than just selling merchandise.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, Ammar’s dad disowned him as he refused to let go of this dream and new purpose of his. Him giving up a full scholarship and not serving in the military just to continue traveling and making videos wasn’t really the kind of life his father had imagined for him. Even though it broke the young man’s heart, but he decided to pursue his dreams and hope his dad would understand some day. He hoped that one day his old man will come to a realization of how big and important this is.

All the guys wanted to do was to inspire people all around the world to live an exciting version of their lives by adding a little bit of yes to it. Not just by crazy challenges coming out of the comfort zones, but even their videos about their life stories; such as Ammar’s, will definitely touch you and leave you inspired.

WE SAID THIS: No matter how much we tell you about the Yes Theory and its gang, it won’t be enough. You’d better catch up on what you’ve been missing these past three years by heading to their YouTube channel.