Theatre of Digital Art Dubai: An Inside Look at the Region’s First Digital Art Museum

Dubai has always been a city that celebrates and appreciates all forms of art. Recently, the Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) Dubai opened its doors to the public, becoming the region’s first digital art museum. From Van Gogh to Monet to Kandinsky, this unique art space features the world’s most iconic artists’ work, and allows you to enjoy their classic art along with mesmerizing music and visual effects.

ToDA is a true reflection of the city’s commitment to utilize state-of-the-art technologies to combine three different forms of art: multimedia exhibitions, contemporary immersive installations, and art in virtual reality. And because its a multi-sensory art space, you get to see and feel the art. Your little ones are not forgotten either, they’ve dedicated multi-dimensional spaces with secret passages and portals to a magical world for them to enjoy.

So until you get a chance to visit the Theatre of Digital Art, scroll down for an inside look.

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