The XX : Live in Concert


The XX are back with their new album Coexist which will be released September 11th. The first and only single to be released thus far is “Angels” which teases the audience with the simplest form of love songs. The beauty of The XX is that they don’t have to say/do much; their music takes over the mind and turns any hater into a lover. Their willingness to let clean guitar lines hang in the air or draw towards words unsweetened by production effects enthralls any listener.

I had the pleasure of going to their concert in Boston last week, and it was all I expected and more. Unlike a lot of artists that sound COMPLETELEY different on stage, The XX sound even better than they do on CD.  RomyMadley Croft’s voice is as haunting as ever and pairing with Oliver Sim’s breathtaking deep sonata they sound as harmonious as ever.  The set list was a dream come true, they started off the night playing “Angels” to which the whole crowd was singing along and followed it by their famous tracks “Heart Skipped A Beat” a revamped version of “Crystalized” and “VCR”. The audience had a chance to listen to some of their new tracks including “Swept Away” (see below). The new club aspect of The XX never once overshadowed their origins. Jaime XX kept to himself, dropping the beats, never once interacting with the audience but I think that’s how you would want him to act. You could see him focusing on his amazing abilities and not overdoing it as many junkies do these days.

The deep throbbing beats echoed throughout the room, coupled with Romy and Oliver, it turned out to be one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole audience left and purchased tickets for their next tour in October. I cannot WAIT to listen to the new album in its entirety.