The UAE is Offering you a Healthy Lifestyle

The majority of residents in the Emirates consider themselves very fit, high demand to maintain a healthy lifestyle is definitely on the rise due to a combination of different factors. That includes better awareness of the benefits of following a certain diet, as well as the desire to look fit due to the increase fitness-related content on social media.

Bursting with glamour and boosting a never-ending skyline that includes the world’s tallest buildings, the UAE attracts both tourists and the most ambitious health professionals that can guide you to the best gym memberships. In addition to services like personal fitness, nutritionists, and training sessions to help you live the life you deserve in the most popular city of the UAE.

Via The National

Since there are more people becoming active and thriving to maintain a healthier routine, a study has found that about 60% of the people in the UAE exercise between one to three times per week. The research showed that this is a 10% increase since the last study that was conducted in 2014. The study also revealed that in all of the surveyed Gulf countries, the UAE’s population is the highest in terms of their active involvement and engagement in health-related campaigns.

This is due to the UAE’s government’s praiseworthy efforts in promoting healthy eating habits, and offering a wealth of options for eating both in or out. Therefore, the thriving restaurant scene boasts countless national and international cuisines that can help you get on the right track.

These restaurants and cafés are plentiful around the Emirates. I suggest you go and check out 77 Veggie Boutique, located in Dubai at the Tiffany Tower. They offer mainly plant-based meals prepared with fresh and locally supplied veggies, as well as natural herbs. There’s also Omnia Gourmet, located in Jumeirah, Dubai, offering extremely healthy cooked meals by the talented British Chef Silvena Rowe.

If you’re craving snacks, smoothies, or juices, then this French café, also located in Jumeirah, called Comptoir 102 it’s definitely the best place to get organic refreshments. And finally, the Bestro Live & Raw Food restaurant, located in Dubai Mall, serves delicious raw food meals like you never tasted before.

Moreover, the idea of buying 99% of the ingredients and cooking your own meal at home has become more and more popular in the UAE, especially for people who live in villa complexes, away from the busy city center.

That’s why growing fruits and vegetables has increased across the UAE especially over the past two years. I recommend you buy your ingredients from Ripe Markets as they bring local and food producers together in a very fun event/social gathering, that features live cooking demos, yoga sessions, and kids’ activities.

There’s also, of course, home delivery if you’re on a tight schedule. To get your meal ingredients delivered to your doorstep, I suggest you order from Cook-a-Box for recipes and pre-measured ingredients.

Hello Chef is great for nutritious meal boxes with low-calorie options, while Right Bite also offers packages based on your own diet type. Of course, you need to check with your nutrition consultant first before choosing a certain diet. And finally, there’s Prime Gourmet which serves the highest quality of meat, including grain-fed, as well as gourmet food items.

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