The Sleeper: A Comfy Brand Fulfilling Your Summer Needs

Customers’ Highlights – Daily Sleeper Navy Dress

“Hot summer nights mid-July”, is what Lana del Rey sings about. Before we knew it, half the summer was gone. Unfortunately, that is how it works. And now we should all hurry up to enjoy the summer activities that everyone loves so much before the fall starts. Sleeper’s garments have already become a significant part of the summer wardrobe for many women. You may ask “Why so?” and the answer would be pretty clear and simple. The highest quality and brilliant designs – that is why Sleeper has conquered thousands of women’s hearts with its dresses, linen lounge wear sets, swimsuits, and many other wearing options. This is a list of Sleeper wearers’ favorite dresses:

All these dresses are made of linen which allows your body to breathe and feel refreshed even during the hottest and the sunniest days of the year. Moreover, Sleeper’s most popular dresses have puffy, short sleeves and look stylish and unique. The brand has also updated the traditional white linen dress with bold colors and prints. The Instagram users prove that these new dresses are the perfect throw-on’s for days working at home in the heat or casual picnics in the park. They’re ideal for those days when you can’t waste any time deciding what to wear, so you can easily take any Sleeper dress even with closed eyes and feel comfy and stylish every day! One more crucial point is the brand’s history. It was launched by two Ukrainian women Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva in 2014 in Kyiv and became worldwide known just a couple of years later. Young designers focused on value-based products mixed with uniqueness and style. Being environmentally friendly is one more fundamental value for the girls. In the current climate, where retailers are facing more pressure than ever to examine their practices and ensure that they’re focusing on sustainability and ethical modes of production, Sleeper is certainly an antidote to fast fashion and transient trends. The brand supports artisan manufacturing techniques and each piece is handmade using eco-friendly fabrics. Also, because each piece is made-to-order, there isn’t any waste.

Color your wardrobe with Sleeper

The summer luxury linen dresses and lounge suits from Sleeper come in a wide variety of colors. It is vital if you want to add some special colors to your clothing palette. Your linen dress can make you stand out and be enticing in lime, pink, lavender, azure blue, navy, and other colors. Since each hue is unique and different from the others, selecting one depends on personal preference. For women who have never worn the brand’s clothing before, those colored linen dresses or loungewear sets would be a wonderful chance to your everyday outfits or something novel and even unexpected. How fashionable and cozy summer outfits can be will amaze you. Additionally, Sleeper’s dresses come in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, making them suitable for everyone.

 Even more comfiness in linen loungewear sets

Stuck with your work assignments and got to get some rest? Take a day off and make it home-based. It may be a great opportunity to chill out and not think about irritating stuff. Sleeper luxury loungewear would make this day indeed cozier and chiller beyond any doubt. The Sleeper loungewear sets are one of those garments outlined to be worn amid the warm season. For example, the linen jumpsuit is an amazing choice for everybody who needs a garment that falls between casual and fancy. Linen is a wonderful fabric that fits marvelously and allows your body to breathe freely during a hot day and is soft to touch simultaneously. Amazing material dresses are made to feel their wearers relaxed and admired.

Add some activity to your day in the loungewear set

What is more, Sleeper’s linen loungewear sets would be incredible to wear for morning running or other to-do’s, such as shopping, going for a bicycle ride, yoga, etc. Due to its simple and refreshing designs, it will not sit too tight on you. It is comfy and does not restrict your movements when doing some exercises. Furthermore, there is a wide range of size lines for these loungewear sets, so everybody might discover suitable options.

 Is it hard to look after a Sleeper’s linen clothes?

How to care of the item is a common query after purchasing this type of outfit or anything similar. It is so simple to spill jam, grass clippings, or even lemonade on your outfit. But don’t worry! You don’t require a specific spell of any type. Even when manufactured from the most delicate materials, like linen, Sleeper loungewear is incredibly simple to maintain. The simplest solution is to simply send the dress to a nearby dry cleaning; this will relieve you of the worry and allow you to continue enjoying your day. Or just set your washing machine on a chilly temperature and delicate cycle if you are unable to do so. Here we go! You have your favorite dress, linen suit or loungewear set fresh, clean, and as good as a brand new one.

WE SAID THIS: The Sleeper is the brand that strikes a perfect balance of comfort and summer with a layer of chicness.