Favorite Father-Son Cinematic Duos

The Egyptian cinema industry has given us limitless talent. Ranging from actors, directors, writers and much more; on his death anniversary, we honour actor Farouk Al-Fshaway’s by taking a closer look at not just his memorable roles on screen but also his son Ahmed’s filmography. Remembering Al-Fishawy through our favorite iconic actor duos that also happen to be father and son off screen.

Farouk and Ahmed Al-Fishawy

Late star, Farouk Al-Fishawy who passed away at the age of 67 had countless noteworthy roles in television and film. One of his most memorable film characters was in “Al Mashbouh” (Suspicious) where he played the questionable cop chasing after Egyptian actor, Adel Emam’s character. Even though he was a villain throughout the film, he comes around and helps him at the end. This is an important character in Al-Fishawy’s life as it was one of the main roles that made viewers really start to take notice of him even though it was a minor role; since the audience took a liking to his character even though he was villainous. Fishawy always knew to play both sides of the coin well and his son, Ahmed is no stranger to that.

Ahmed Al-Fishawy, has proven that he has quite the range just like his father. From playing a sheikh who can’t forget his love for Michael Jackson and his turbulent life decisions to Yehia Elmasry in “Al Hasa el Sabaa” (The Seventh Sense) where he played a failed gym teacher who suddenly got the superpower to read people’s minds. A hilarious film that is the complete opposite from his dramatic character in “Sheikh Jackson.”

While the father-son haven’t shared any scenes together on screen, they both acted in the feminist film “Youm lel Setat” (A Day for Women).

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Adel and Mohamed Emam

Icon Adel Emam has done more television, film, and theatre roles to count with impeccable diversity in the roles he’s selected. With a standout character like Ahmed in “El Erhab and Kebab” (Terrorism and Kebab) where he goes through so much heartache just so he can get paperwork done to move his son to a different school. While Emam’s filmography is hard to choose from, it is easy to spot that he can simply alternate between comedy and drama. Like “Aris Men Geha Amneya” (Groom of Law Enforcement) where he plays the protective father with incredible wit that makes it the perfect film to rewatch in addition to the constant surprise that he truly is a versatile actor who can smoothly fit in any genre.

His son Mohamed has been making his way through the entertainment scene mainly with action comedy films and recently in the past three years, Ramadan shows. Focusing more on the comedy side, it is evident that he’s got his father’s sense of humor but can still get your tears going when needed. Some of his memorable roles have been “Lailet Hana w Suroor” (Hana and Suroor’s Night) where he starred in a series of misadventures alongside Yasmine Sabry in an action comedy and now his most recent Eid film is out in theaters, “Amohom” (Their Uncle) where he gets into some trouble with a counterfeiting operation.

Adel and Mohamed Emam have been on several projects together. “Fereat Nagy Atallah” (Nagy Atallah’s Team) where Mohamed played one of the people Nagy (Adel Emam) enlists to pull off a heist. In addition to being his daughter’s fiancé in “Saheb el Saada” (The Man of Joy). But one of his most stand-out roles with his father is when he played his son in the film, “Hassan and Moraous.” A film that tackled the tension between religions in a serious yet touching way.

Ahmed and Haitham Zaki

Known to his fans as the Emperor or even the black lion, the late Ahmed Zaki was an actor that left a great legacy filled with a diverse array of films. His film “Edhak El Soora Tetlaa Helwa” (Smile The Picture Will Turn Out Nice) was one of his most wholesome films that still resonates today. It is one of his iconic films since he represented the ideal father; one that sacrificed everything for their children’s hopes and dreams. The same film where the famous quote: “Your Pride, Tahanni” was said. Which went on to being reiterated in every household. The piece of advice that Zaki gives Mona Zaki’s character who played his daughter.

His late son, Haitham though hasn’t had many roles, was able to prove that he was indeed quite talented like his father. From his character in the film “Sokar Mor” (“Bitter Sugar) and even on shows like “El Sabaa Wasayah” (The Seven Inheritors) where he played a dramatic character of a son trying to not feel guilty for murdering his father to inherit him.

The father-son duo were both in the film “Haleem”, the biopic of the Egyptian late iconic singer, Abdel Haleem Hafez.

Khaled and Ahmed Saleh

Late actor, Khaled Saleh portrayed so many of our favorite characters. From the complicated cop in “Heya Fawdah” (It’s Chaos) to the quirky husband in “Ahla el Awaat” (The Best Moments). He left an unforgettable imprint on people around the Middle East, one that is filled with colorful and heartbreaking characters that resonate with us today.

His son, Ahmed, though he never got the chance to act with him, is quite like his father and not just in looks. Filled with talent and a sense of humor for days, can change moods at the drop of hat. With his show “Ansaf Maganeen”(Half Crazies) where he played a mentally ill person or “Zodiac” where sure his character died early on but he was quite impactful.

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