8 Egyptian Families That Have Kept Us Entertained

The Egyptian entertainment industry is filled with talent; ranging from actors to directors, there are a plethora who shine in a diversity of areas in the entertainment field. We’re choosing to spotlight families in the industry that are literally birthing talent, generations of actors, directors and more. Here are eight family dynamics that should be on your radar with their inspiration and never-ending creativity.

Mohamed Khan & Nadine Khan

Nadine Khan is following in her father’s footsteps of renowned Director, Mohamed Khan directing quite noteworthy projects. Just like Mohamed Khan created films that focused on important topics such as women’s issues, Nadine Khan lately has been starting conversations about relevant issues such as family abuse, mental health, and this was showcased in her latest show, “Meen Al” airing this Ramadan. The fifteen-episode show raised many important questions such as what her father used to do. She has also covered the topic of toxic masculinity through her award-winning film, “Abo Sadam.”

Nahid Farid Shawky & Nahed El Sebai

The mother-daughter duo, Nahed Farid Shawky, and Nahed El Sebai are an unstoppable pair. Having the same name is not the only thing they have in common, they both constantly seek to create projects that center around women. Nahed Farid Shawky, daughter of the incredible actor, Farid Shawky, highlights women through her production while Nahed El Sebai does that through the roles she takes on as an actor; she chooses to become part of films and TV shows that pinpoint issues regarding women like her film about sexual harassment, “678.”

Khaled El Nebawy & Nour El Nebawy

The charismatic father-son pair, Khaled El Nabawy and Nour El Nabawy are both not only gentlemen of Egyptian television but also have fabulous on-screen chemistry. While Khaled El Nabawy has always been a fantastic actor and a celebrity crush for many, this year, in the Ramadan show, “Ragaeen Ya Hawa” (We’re Back, Love) his quite talented son, Nour El Nebawy, proved that he is equal in charm and fellow ladies man.

Mahmoud Reda & Shereen Reda

Known for co-founding the Reda troupe, choreographer, and dancer, Mahmoud Reda was a trailblazer in the entertainment industry who led change in the dance and musical field by changing the thought and stigma surrounding men dancing. Moreover, his actress, daughter, Shereen Reda, is currently also fighting change through her thought-provoking roles that challenge society and start conversations.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz & Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

The iconic actor, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz has left an amazing filmography behind. One that people will never get tired of re-watching. Not only has he created amazing work that we will always remember him through but he also raised two wonderfully talented sons, Karim and Mohamed. Karim is a gifted actor who’s been deservingly getting noticed lately for his great roles in films; while his brother, Mohamed is not only a successful producer but has also been taking great steps in acting with his most recent role in Ramadan’s “Malf Sery” (Secret File). The pair are sure making their late father proud.

Khaled Saleh & Ahmed Khaled Saleh

Funny, dramatic, and unforgettable are all words that deeply describe the late Khaled Saleh. He was one of the actors that could play any role to a tee as if it was no big deal. It was mesmerizing watching him go from drama to comedy to drama again while nailing all of these projects. His son, Ahmed Khaled Saleh though he had big shoes to fill following his father’s passing, he was up to the challenge, by taking on diverse, challenging roles. Ahmed delivered, time and time again, proving that he is indeed one to watch.

Wahid Hamed & Marwan Hamed

Unmatched storyteller, Wahid Hamed created stories that started discussions in our society. He was an Egyptian treasure that everyone impatiently waited for his latest and definitely greatest projects to be released until the day he sadly passed. However, he passed down the torch, to his son Marwan Hamed who is gifted in the directing department. From “The Yacoubian Building” to “The Blue Elephant” Marwan has been sharing stories visually in the most beautiful, horrific, inventive ways just like his father formed an unforgettable relationship with the audience through his words and philosophy.

Zeinab Hassan & Rana Raeis

Make-up artist, Zeinab Hassan who is known for creating all your favorite television looks is actually actress Rana Raeis’ mother. Hassan is not only crazy talented herself but she managed to raise a girl who seems to be able to perfectly cry on cue, leading the whole audience to cry in response. Raeis is not only great in nailing the emotional roles but she is also wonderful in diversifying, as lately, we’ve seen her in more comedic, lighter characters and we’ve enjoyed her just as much. This mother-daughter duo sure does exude talent.

The Egyptian entertainment industry percolates with talent but we wanted to highlight families, as they provide a unique outlook to the field.

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