The Recipe: Prepare a Stress-Free and Budget-Friendly Christmas Dinner All on Your Own

Christmas is all about warmth, gatherings, and spending time with your loved ones. But having a good time is never complete without devouring some yummy food. Many of us are living away from our families, or have moved out because of work or other commitments and responsibilities. But just because you’re living alone, doesn’t mean you can’t call up some friends and have a yummy home-cooked Christmas dinner. Actually, even if you plan on spending Christmas eve all on your own, you can still pick one or two meals from our options and make it for yourself.

If you’re not into cooking, or maybe not a pro in the kitchen, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some easy, yet delicious, recipes. Here’s what you can cook for a stress-free Christmas eve, with simple, wholesome, and tasty dishes.

Pumpkin soup

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A hot, creamy pumpkin soup can never go wrong, and it’ perfect for this weather to keep everyone warm. It’s also quick and quite easy to make; here’s your recipe.

Turkey breast with roasted vegetables

For the main dish, we know you would’ve loved to have a whole turkey, but a succulent roast turkey breast will make your dinner table look fancy, and won’t deprive you of the most popular Christmas meal. You can even make some sandwiches with the leftovers later. Here’s the recipe.

Potato gratin

Another main dish option that is mouth-watering and sure to be loved by all your guests is the tender, cheesy potato gratin casserole. In a rich creamy sauce, the thinly sliced potatoes baked with grated cheese will be worth your time and effort. These are step-by-step instructions for you to follow while making it.

Strawberries and chocolate or whipped cream

For dessert, this is one of the yummiest and easiest options to prepare that everyone’s going to love. Buy some strawberries and a huge Nutella jar and you’re all set!

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