A Cookie A Day Keeps The Happiness With You Along The Way, Here Are Egypt’s Yummiest Cookie Masters

By Heidi Sallam

It’s cookie season everyone and we want to spoil your stomach with some of the top-notch cookie places around Egypt. With all the work and daily hassles we know you’re neglecting yourself, but isn’t life so much better with a cookie in hand? So, listen to our advice and go get ready to gain some worthy kilos because this list is your new happy source. Trust us they’re totally worth the gain!

Scroll down to shop your yummiest delights.


Cake Cafe

Bishette Bakery, you can find them in both Cairo and UAE, Dubai


Nude bakery

Dara’s Ice Cream

Snö Gelato


Chip Me

Ratios Bakery

House of Cocoa

Now go get yourself a box full of mouthwatering cookies! Stay guilt free my friends!

WE SAID THIS: Which cookie is your favorite?