A Scoop of Hope: Check Out How Sayed, a Balady Dog, and a Winter Sweater May Be the Best Thing You See Today

By Heidi Sallam

Feeling a little down today? Well, keep reading this because we’ve got you a cute little nice humane story! We came across the sweetest story of the week, and we want to share it with you to lift your spirits, especially that December is the month of giving and caring for other souls. Below you’ll see the picture of Balady dog wearing Christmas sweaters! And no, you’re not imagining things.

Nice gesture? Well, it surely is. So this boy and his mother live in Salah Salem in a Garage. Sayed is a cute little kid who picked up a Balady dog to shower and knit sweaters for in order to protect him/her from the cold weather, simply because Sayed saw the dog as a living soul just like everyone else. And aren’t dogs are the ones in need actually? The love and kindness don’t stop here as everyone was, and still is, so very touched by Sayed and his mother humane actions, so this story got spread all over social media to the point where a Kuwaiti woman decided to sponsor them with a monthly allowance in order to provide them a healthier life.

This is very soul touching, right? It’s nice to know that kindness is still spreading all around us in many different ways. Spread love and kindness to everyone and remember it’s not who you are, it’s what you do!

WE SAID THIS: To many more humane actions!