From Kiki to Dina Dimitry, Here Are 8 Glam Masters Who Helped Stars Shine on the CIFF 2020 Red Carpet

By Heidi Sallam

Since CIFF has blessed us this once again this year, we wanted to share with you the amazing makeup artists and glam masters who helped all of our glamorous celebrities to unapologetically shine on the red carpet. It’s important to recognize that even when you wear the long dress, the tall shiny shoes, glamorous bags, and amazing shiny hair, you’d still feel like there’s something missing because makeup is your all-time cherry on top!

So scroll down to check out Egypt’s top makeup artists who spoiled and glammed up our favorite celebs with their magic brushes during the CIFF 2020 red carpet.

Dina Dimitry

A pro-makeup prtist who glammed up the one and only Youssra and the amazing Injy El-Mokaddem with her art that matches the person’s character.

Mona Gamal

One of the top celebrity makeup artists who is also an editorial and beauty artist, Mona Gamal, with her art and taste created an amazing and chic look for Egypt’s sweetheart Mona Zaki and Tunisia’s Queen Dorra Zarrouk.

Wedyan Mohy

top go-to makeup artist Wedyan Mohy powdered many Celebs at the Cairo International Film Festival such as the gorgeous Ghinwa Mahmoud, Asmaa Galal, the young and stylish Dalia Shawky, and the dazzling Reem El-Adl.

Shariff Tanyous

The talented and unique Shariff Tanyous who always shines with his own style blew our minds off with Huda El-Mufti’s and Hanady Mehanna’s stunning looks.

Caroline Abdel-Nour

Known as Cacoa, one of the top makeup artists who glammed and dazzled the elegant Riham Abd-EL-Ghafour and Passant Shawky with her own style.


Not only a local makeup artist but also an internationally acclaimed celebrity and bridal beauty advisor. One of Egypt’s top-notched lovable celebrities Tara Emad, Menna Shalaby, and Passant Shawky were dashed and bloomed by the one and only Kiki Boutique.

Aya Abdelhamid

Let us present you the young and talented Aya Abdelhamid who added some beauté to some of Egypt’s sweethearts such as the beauty queen Shereen Reda, the most elegant Tara Emad, and lovely Jamila Awad.

Suzy El-Tobgy

Want to look chic and shiny? Then Suzy is the right pick for you! Elham Shahin, Ayten Amer, Manal Salama, and finally the Lebanese Ghinwa Mahmoud were shined and dashed by this beautician right here.

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