57357 Hospital In Jeopardy Of Closing Its Doors

Renowned Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt also known as the 57357 after the hospital’s widely published bank account number for donations has recently announced its strong potential of closing its doors. With nearly two decades of treating children, the hospital’s chapter of saving lives might be ending.

Following a financial struggle for the past two years due to a drop in donations and the financial economy which even led to the unfortunate closing of the Tanta branch and the transfer of its patients to the main branch in Cairo was only the beginning of the challenge for 57357.

Currently, the hospital has become unable to take on new patients or afford medicine. It has even become more difficult for 57357 to continue forth with its expansion plan which involved advanced technology and equipment catering to treating the children.

Via 57357

The hospital which survives off donations has been lagging now more than ever which in turn has put the children in a turbulent state. Dr. Mohamed Fawzi has commented on the unfortunate situation by stating the following.

“We are no longer able to afford the medicines needed for the patients…the amount of money we receive is far from enough to buy these medicines or cover the costs of food for the patients or the salaries of the staff.”

– Dr Mohamed Fawzi, head of hospital

But why is it struggling now?

Journalist, Ghada Zein at Rose al Youssef magazine who frequently writes press releases and other posts for the children’s hospital explained that the hospital is suffering due to a financial crisis in addition to why the hospital seeks help now more than ever.

“Every day donations are decreasing but cancer keeps spreading; it’s incredibly painful to see children suffering and not be able to do anything for them. We need support to help the children and expand to be able to treat them.”

– Ghada Zein

This outcry led celebrities ranging from Egyptian actor Amr Youssef to actress Dina el Sherbiny to take to their to Instagram with a call to action message encouraging people to support the hospital.

How you can help?

You can help by spreading awareness about the cause in addition to donating to the hospital.

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