The Proliferation of Shared Offices in the Present

The setup of an office in the present is different from what it used to be decades ago. Today, offices are acquiring the minimalist look – there is little equipment around, and larger devices are now compressed to a smaller version. Things like calculators, watches, and notepads are now integrated inside the smartphones. Computers have also become powerful with the capability to run many software programs. The internet is also an important aspect of the present office. Without the internet, office workers would never be able to do even basic tasks like sending an email.

Another trend in office setup is the proliferation of shared office spaces. These small rooms are built for freelancers. These places have a power outlet for laptops and smartphones, and they have a strong internet connection. Many people are now resorting to home-based or freelance work because they can earn money easily without the hassles attributed to it. 

Working as a home-based employee also has a lot of benefits. Employees no longer need to commute to work and they can save the money used on gasoline. Because of the rising number of home-based employees and freelancers, shared offices have become more common. You can even spot advertisements like “shared office space Las Vegas” on the internet if you are looking for a place to work.

An office worker in the 1950s would be surprised seeing the office from the present. For today’s business owners, the priority is to save space and to encourage the use of an eco-friendly environment.

The proliferation of high-powered computers and the availability of faster internet connection also affected the way businesses are conducting their meetings. Here are five ways on how the present office setting made meetings innovative and helpful.

Video conferencing

In the past, everyone was required to attend the meeting so they can participate and share their ideas. This can be a hassle for most office workers as they had to stay late and wait for the meeting to end. If the meeting took place on their rest day, they are required to come into the office just to listen to what their supervisor, manager, or CEO would like to share. 

Today, these hassles can be avoided with the use of video conferencing. Most businesses are now resorting to using video conferencing services to contact people that are not around. It only requires an internet connection and a webcam service. With video conferencing services, you can join the meeting at your office even if you are on a holiday thousands of miles away. You can join the conference in a single click. With a strong internet connection, you can hear what others say, and you can also suggest new ideas that can be good for the company.

The use of visuals

The use of visuals is also encouraged in a present office setting. Without visuals, presentations can become boring. There are many software programs that can be used to create effective visuals. You can use presentation programs to create a slideshow that has striking graphics. On the other hand, you can also opt to use a program like Creately that will help you construct diagrams and flowcharts. This is an effective way to present procedures and steps that the company should follow. Others create video presentations for meetings to immediately catch the attention of the company heads.

Effective speaking

In every meeting, an effective speaker is important to make it more innovative. Without a good speaker, everyone would think that the meeting is boring. If you are required to share something during the corporate meeting, make sure that you are practicing your communication skills and do your best to become an effective speaker. This will help you gain more confidence to speak in front of your co-workers.

Introducing brand new ideas

The employees who are included in a meeting should be allowed to present their ideas on how the company could improve. They can suggest new methods on how they can reach their customers or any other ways on how the company can generate more profit.

Demonstration of a new product or service

Office meetings should also allow the employees to demonstrate a new product or service that they want to introduce. This would give the rest of the employees an idea of how the new product or service works.

WE SAID THIS: An office worker in the 50s would be surprised by seeing offices from the present.