Sharm El Sheikh Airport Firefighters Rescue a Ukranian Plane From Fire

Via Egypt Today.

Firefighters at Sharm El Sheikh Airport rescue hundreds of Ukranian passengers on Saturday as a plane belonging to SkyUp Airlines almost caught on fire moments after landing.

Passengers of Flight SQP7153 narrowly escaped disaster when a leak of hydraulic oil ignited the plane’s heated tires. Fortunately, EgyptAir’s ground services team in cooperation with the airport’s protection and rescue personnel and emergency crew managed to extinguish the flaming tire in a matter of seconds.

Flying from Zaporizhzhia to Cairo, the plane’s crew had no idea of the leakage until the tires caught on fire a few moments after the plane touched the ground. The emergency crew at Sharm El Sheikh airport then evacuated all passengers in an orderly, professional manner.

The Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Younis Al-Masry praised the airport’s firefighters for their prompt reaction. If it was not for the efforts of the crew, a crisis would have occurred.

The captain of the Ukranian flight thanked the Egyptian team for their hindsight and rapid response in handling the incident. It is worth mentioning that no lives were lost during the rescue operation.

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