The Most Desired Eco-Friendly Features in Apartment Communities

With the environment in the shape, it’s in, it’s no wonder more people are trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. When it comes to finding a new home, if you’re moving into an apartment, you’ll want to look for these most desired eco-friendly features in apartment communities. 


One of the most desired eco-friendly features in apartment communities is energy-efficient appliances. While most appliances don’t cost much to run even if they aren’t energy efficient, some appliances such as washers and dryers can raise energy costs significantly if they’re not energy efficient. Double-check to see if the appliances that come with your apartment are energy efficient. 


Recycling is an important part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle and crucial for the environment. Apartment communities striving to provide a more eco-friendly community should have some type of onsite recycling. Check for recycling bins in the community and be sure you put your plastics and glass in the proper bins! 

Bicycle storage

Bicycles are eco-friendly and more people are opting to ride them instead of drive to work, weather and distance permitting. Not only is it good exercise but it’s good for the environment too. Bicycle storage is another eco-friendly feature in luxury apartment communities tenants may want to take advantage of to do their part for the environment. 

Heat/cool technology

By implementing newer technology for heating and cooling, tenants can not only save money on their heating and cooling bills, but these are also eco-friendly features. Smart thermostats are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional thermostats. Most, if not all can be programmed to a certain heating or cooling schedule, so instead of running your air or heat all day until you come home, you can program it to turn on an hour or so before you’re due home so your apartment will be at a good temperature. 

Reduce water waste

A large portion of waste comes from water fixtures. Showerheads, washers, and toilets can all use more water than is needed. By using low flow toilets and showerheads, an apartment community can be more eco-friendly for tenants. Energy-efficient washers that use less water will also save on energy and water bills! 


Another eco-friendly feature in apartment communities revolves around the landscaping outside. A community that uses eco-friendly pest control and weed management is much better for the environment than an apartment community that just haphazardly sprays chemicals to keep everything under control. Not only are those chemicals bad for the environment, they can also be dangerous for humans. 

Eco-friendly living is beneficial not only for those who choose to live this way but for the environment. Look for eco-friendly apartment communities that offer energy-efficient appliances, low flow water fixtures to reduce water waste, and a recycling program. Smart thermostats are also eco-friendly, as well as bicycle storage for those who choose to reduce their waste by not using a car.

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