‘The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade’: Let’s Talk Music

Yesterday, the whole world stood and watched as Egypt wrote a new chapter in history. Simply put, ‘The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade’ was an absolute success. From the smallest to the biggest of details, it presented the North African nation in its true, authentic form; the one we -as Egyptians- are always proud to witness. One aspect that had everyone talking on social media was the music.

From the very first minute of the livestream, the out-worldly tunes of Hisham Nazih captivated our hearts. Something in it resonated with us all. It turned out that the singing was in ancient Egyptian, and the songs were taken from the infamous Book of the Dead and some of the more famous poems engraved on temples. A fitting sendoff as 22 of Egypt’s royal mummies made their way to their final resting place.

Egyptian Maestro Nader Abbassi conducted the United Philharmonic Orchestra with 120 musicians and 100 singers for a monumental new composition composed by Hisham Nazih for the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade.

Singers Reham Abdelhakim, Amira Selim, and Nesma Mahjoub took the lead with their angelic voices, moving us with the sound of the music as the regalia-ornate parade moved from the Egyptian Museum in Downtown Cairo to the National Museum of Egyptian civilization Civilization in Fustat.

In an interview with Anchor Lamis Al Hadidi on her late night show “Kelma Akhera”, Hisham Nazih revealed that composing the music took him around 3 months, in which he had to collaborate with over 200 artists to make sure that the final production is unequated.

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