Who Dressed Who: The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade Fashion Edition

Tonight, Egypt dazzled the whole world with a once-in-a-life-time extravaganza. Millions across all inhabited continents tuned in for “The Pharaoh’s Golden Parade”, where 22 of ancient Egypt’s most-preserved regal mummies were transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Downtown Cairo to the newly-initiated National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) in Fustat. The well-organized event could not have gone better; everything to the tiniest of details was perfect.

One thing everyone was talking about on social media was the fashion and makeup. Performers were dressed in jaw-dropping blue-and-white costumes that drew connection to what our ancestors wore thousands of years ago. As for the makeup, the stunning, simple yet intricate style was breathtaking.

via BBC

Renowned Egyptian celebrities including Mona Zaki, Nelly Karim, and Yousra were clad in elegant pharaonic garments, while the men of the event – Ahmed Helmy, Karim Abdelaziz, Ahmed El Sakka, and Ahmed Ezz – were dressed in elegant suits as they spoke of ancient Egypt and its civilization.

Egyptian fashion designer Nour Azazy was behind two of tonight’s beautiful costumes, including Nelly Karim’s fully handmade corset, while the event’s main presenter Jessi Zaki wore Azazy’s light-pink dress, embellished with gorgeous Egyptian symbolism. The second presenter Nardine Farag wore a dress by Zuhair Murad, while her makeup was the work of Dina El Kashif. As for the stunning hair Taher Gamil gets all the credit. Farag was styled by both Mai Galal and Khaled Azzam.

The look of each superstars was all the work of celebrity stylists Mai Galal and Khaled Azzam, who made sure to impress the whole world with both exquisite and fashionable clothing choices for our celebrities.

When it came to makeup and hair, Aya Abdelhamid, Ahmed Mounir, Mona Gamal, and Dina Dimitry managed to produce true, authentic Egyptian golden looks.

In the jewelry department, homegrown brands seem to have outgrew expectations, with out-worldly pieces that complemented tonight’s marvelous outfits. Mona Zaki wore a dazing set of a necklace and a pair of earrings from Azza Fahmy. While ROCK Jewelry astonished us with its ancient-Egypt inspired Lotus Collection, which was worn by Jessi Zaki.

Now, when it comes to our male superstars, Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Helmy, Kareem Abdelaziz, and Asser Yassin were all dressed in Orange Square Cairo custom-made suits. There ancient Egypt-inspired pins, which garnered tons of attention on social media, were designed by Huwa Design.

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