The People of Siwa Show Us the True Essence of Forgiveness Through Their Annual ‘Siyaha’ Festival


Every year, for three days around the month of October’s full moon, the Siwa Oasis becomes even more peaceful than ever. You know why? That’s because that’s when our fellow Siwans celebrate their ‘Siyaha’ Festival, which by the way has nothing to do with tourism.

Via Siwa Soul

Thousands of Siwans gather every year to make peace during The ‘Siyaha’ Festival, also known as the ‘Asihaite’ festival in the Amazigh language. The people of the heavenly Oasis come together to settle any old arguments, renew friendships, and then gather for a huge feast. With no regards to their social and financial statuses, they all eat together after noon prayers throughout the three days. Afterwards, the men join a Sufi ritual known as ‘zikr’.

This year, the festival took place between the 22nd and the 24th of October; as the moon reached its fullest stage. Peace and tranquility are currently taking over Jebel Dakrur and the entire Oasis; a scene not to be missed. In a time when life is so hectic and full of grudges, one really needs to regain his ability to forgive.

Kudos to the Siwans for not letting an argument or a misunderstanding blind them from their humane origins!

WE SAID THIS: Dear Siwans, we look up to you!